NRSAA Vision

The Namibia Rock and Surf Angling Association (hereafter referred to as NRSAA) is an amateur sport association which has the following:


To  promote and grow substantially the sport of rock and surf angling in Namibia  as a healthy , character building ( which includes such values as sportsmanship, dedication, hard work, compassion, competitiveness and the desire to improve oneself and those around you) as well as an environmentally sustainable sport that young and old persons of both genders and all races desire to partake in and to be the association that is respected worldwide for leadership in all matters related to this sport


NRSAA s mission is to proactively further the interests of:

NRSAA members

Fellow Anglers

The sport of Rock and Surf Angling in totality

Competiveness in sport

A sustainable environment (and by definition the needs and requirements of authorities such as Ministry of Fisheries, Namibia Wildlife authorities)

Key activities

In order to achieve its vision and mission it will:

Behave in a way that demonstrates its commitment to conservation and respect for the environment (and in particular the Marine and Coastal environment) and demand similar commitment and respect from their members and fellow anglers in all of its strategic and operational decisions and activities.

Strive to provide NRSAA members and fellow anglers with access to pristine and challenging environments and sporting events with the PROMISE of fun and personal growth whilst respecting the environment, the rules and requirements of authorities and generally good civic behaviour which promotes sustainability.

Affiliate itself with bodies who have the highest integrity in the sport with a view to furthering its members interests , it's value system , the interests of like-minded fellow anglers and any other institution that will further its mission.

Manage and administer all aspects of membership, interaction with fellow anglers and societies, interaction and problem resolution (if any) with authorities, and also interaction with funding bodies all in the most professional manner so as to achieve the vision of the association with maximum benefit to its members in the most unobtrusive manner and be active Ambassadors for Namibia and the sport.

This will vest in the Executive and management structure of NRSAA the authority and responsibility to:

Raise membership and sponsorship funds

Manage funds, acquire movable or immovable property and generally deal with the financial affairs of the association

Donate and apply funds to mission objectives

Resolve any conflicts between government and local authorities to mutual benefit

Liaise with competitor bodies to provide exciting and challenging annual sports calendars and events

Do any and all matters related to furthering the sport and specifically to meeting the needs of Namibian members.

Align with Namibian government codes of conduct and values within the context of a membership that competes nationally and internationally

Establish maintain and enforce a relevant set of rules and regulations including a constitution, election protocols and office bearer roles and responsibilities

Compile and maintain a relevant set of records in respect of member and fellow angler sport achievements (which will be the only officially recognized set of records of achievements for Namibia or as obtained in Namibia) and issue recognition and merit awards as appropriate to the sport.

Annually select a national team from the Namibian member ranks, based on merit and other objectives such as development or equality, as decided by the governing body from time to time, but within the constraints of competing teams challenge parameters.

Welcome members and competing anglers to venues and be good stewards throughout competitions and events

Maintain a profile on behalf of members as well as recognition of members by way of club insignia and formal heraldry, promotional material and activities and any other related activities.